“Lifetime commitment: cure cancer in every patient” 
Oncologist with PhD in Cancer Genetics and Tumor Immunology from University College London (UCL). 
He is one of the few people in the world who belong to the so-called "Golden Triangle" for having studied and trained in all three London, Cambridge and Oxford Universities. 
He graduated with the highest grade and highest honorary mention at the Faculty of Medicine in Northern Mexico and was a core member of the team that carried out the first cancer gene therapy clinical trial in Latin America. 
“Take care of your immune system because it is and will be the best friend you will ever have throughout your life.” 
Hugo De La Peña holds a PhD in Cancer Genetics and Tumour Immunology from University College London (UCL), where he developed cancer vaccines and won the Young Scientist Award in 2004 beating contestants from Oxford, Cambridge and Britain's Imperial College. 
After being head hunted for his first postdoc at Cambridge University, he went on to develop cancer treatments through his detailed knowledge of the immune system. 
Dr De La Peña completed a second postdoc in the UK, publishing in international journals such as Science and JCI, his papers have been cited thousands of times. His research portfolio gave him the European Young Scientist Award for the second time in 2OIO. 
Completed his training in Medical Oncology at Oxford, where he became a cancer consultant belonging to the so-called “Golden Triangle" for having studied at the three most important universities in the UK (London, Cambridge and Oxford). He is currently a world leader and lead investigator of several cancer clinical trials in the UK. 
He was the chairman of Cancer Research International for several years, where he established collaborations with some of the world’s top universities (Harvard, Cambridge, London, Edinburgh) to help Mexican and Latin American students achieve their international goals and opportunities. He also secured Nobel Prize winners as trustees of that organisation. 
He was elected as a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (FRCP) in 2022 as a mark of excellence and works with the British National Health Service, as well as an ambassador for renowned organisations such as Cancer Research UK, which treats cancer patients with the latest and most advanced treatments worldwide. 
“We cure cancer most days, but we need to cure cancer every day”. 
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